Used books hold more stories than the ones printed on their pages.

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    Fun copywriting at @dallaslovefield! Group A? Awwww yeah. Luv @southwestair.

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    Cincinnati coneys. @astrosbaseball. Great afternoon. (Missing James Coney Island in #houston).

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    We literally love @astrosbaseball. Verlander takes the mound against the @reds. Altuve is on the IR list . Go ‘Stros!

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    The life of a design researcher: icing down refreshments in a parking lot for an upcoming focus group. @miamiuniversity @miamiohcca #eolc #wkbnch

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    Awwww. Even OU Alumni wish they were from Texas.

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    Last night: “That’s Amore” played while staff brought out candles and chocolate pie.

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    20 amazing years. It’s our anniversary and the sun is shining. ️

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    Selecting an anniversary card for my wife. She’s put up with me for 20 years. Perhaps a sympathy card is in order.

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    Walking to remember the fallen. Thank you.

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    Design research invites a lot of tools: VLC, Audition, Illustrator, Keynote, Ulysses, Dedoose, Photoshop, Slack… all in the last two hours.

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    Job perk: I get one of the best seats in the house for Commencement. Congrats @miamiohcca class of 2019! @miamiuniversity #thrivingartists

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    Volunteering for Field Day today and I got my favorite station!

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