The United Nations was born in San Francisco. The United Federation of Planets will be born in San Francisco. That is all.

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    Helped the Boy Scouts retrieve 38 flags for Oxford Rotary Club’s Veterans Day commemoration. Thank you, Veterans. Liberty and justice for all.

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    Southern comfort: Butter Beans, Purple Hull Peas, Chicory Coffee.

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    Wandered through an overstock store today. We humans make a lot of stuff. Do we really need it all? #wkbnch

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    Tools for Good (Research) was great fun today with @lovelyladyletterpressanddesign Graphic Design students. Thank you for inviting me to @universityofdayton !

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    Last time I flew out of ABQ (1999) I had been married for 11 hours. She put the “enchantment” in the Land of Enchantment.

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    Inspiring weekend in Santa Fe with @xdmiamioh grad students exploring experience design and culture! @miamiuniversity @miamiohcca

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    My closet needs a shirt like this.

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    Meow Wolf, House of Eternal Return. Come along. #xdmfa

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    By the numbers: Santa Fe. A perfect place to study culture and design characteristics. #xdmfa @xdmiamioh @miamiohcca @miamiuniversity

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    Cold, clear, piñon wood-scented night in Santa Fe for #xdmfa Destination Weekend. @xdmiamioh

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    We don’t need a magical pin to make a hopeful tomorrow—just designers who believe all people deserve better experiences. #xdmfa

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    Can’t decide if this is thoughtful transparency or TMI.

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