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    The 80’s are alive tonight at Bogart’s with Sixteen Candles!

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    The hardest part of being a Dad is knowing the teenager sleeping down the hall is the same little guy you camped with 8 years ago though you have no idea how time slipped away. …Then knowing it’s happening again with your daughter despite your best efforts. Every moment is precious.

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    Morning. @mountaingoatsmusic Heel Turn 2. Donut, coffee, early light. Sparks.

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    Now. The Mountain Goats!

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    Just a few months till #xdmfa will be at Walt Disney World to study experience design! @xdmiamioh

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    Grip it and rip it. Another disc golfer in our family.

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    Go #texastech! Remembering my Court Jester days (95-97).

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    What to wear when you show real loyalty to #texastech during #marchmadness. #gotech

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    Writing a paper? Draw it first. #wkbnch

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    Boxes have many uses. @amazon has a mask you can cut out. Fun! #wkbnch

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    Roller skating near Detroit. Diversity, difference. Everyone moving together, united regardless. Yes! #wkbnch

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    Wearing my Olympic socks today! #teamusa

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