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    Well, hello 1990s. Now: The Gin Blossoms at @bogartsshows.

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    My favorite—Valentine edition.

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    Justice for all girls. The latest @justice mailer champions inclusion. #wkbnch

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    My entire meal, cooked in silver cylinders? The future is now!

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    2019 = Open Road. (It’s also the name of my new Stetson.)

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    Girls t-shirt section at @target: unicorns and NASA. Yes! My daughter (and all girls) can do it all.

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    Spotted: @southwestair Lone Star One in SFO. Awww… give hugs to Texas for me when you head that way.

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    Jetway decorations at SFO. ️ you @southwestair. There ya go designing the experience again.

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    The United Nations was born in San Francisco. The United Federation of Planets will be born in San Francisco. That is all.

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    Attending #endwell18 with a room full of people who value dignity and lives well-lived.

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