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    Fuel for my @xdmiamioh MFA Systems Design Course at @miamiuniversity. It’ll be a fun semester! #xdmiamioh

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    Experience summer reading: excited about the year ahead for #xdmiamioh @miamiuniversity

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    And now… kitchen chameleon. That is all.

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    …you an even eat the dishes…

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    Enjoying the @bigbendbrewing that I had to fly into Ohio in my checked bag. The best of both worlds!

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    Thanks to Lane Public Library @fdncenter access, funding for our team’s End-of-Life Decisions research is easy to search! #wkbnch

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    Terlingua Summit has reached the summit. Hello, Mexico! #TerlinguaSummit

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    On the way to the South Rim.

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    I’m drinkin’ a beer whose name is about friendship, among friends. Perfect. #TerlinguaSummit

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    Clay Henry is back in office in Lajitas! Sadly, I did not bring a beer for Mr. Mayor. #TerlinguaSummit

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    Scheherazade and Polovtsian Dances in the same concert. Looking forward to a great night of music at @CincinnatiSymphony

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    The @miamiuniversity #designmiamioh 2015 code tournament champions have received their awards. A fantastic semester of front-end coding! #wkbnch

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