Skills, experiences, information. What do the people who use your design know? Link in bio. . 6/48 Aspects of Experience for Design. Join me for Beyond UX at #aigadesignconf #aigadesign @aigadesign @aiga_educators . photo: @p_chernonogov

In much of modern society, it’s hard not to encounter design outcomes. Commuting to work, going on vacation, watching television, eating an ice cream cone—all activities that are fraught with design. I discover these design “curiosities” all over the place and when I can, I’ll share them here.

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Government: The Way Forward

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    Health Topics Can Be Funny

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    Happy (Google) Birthday

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    2011 Christmas Card Critique

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    Remembering StarStruck: The Houston Astros Podcast

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    Photo of Gettysburg battlefield.

    Why Study History?

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    Christmas Gift Suggestions

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    (Very) Young Designers

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    WPA Poster of men arguing.

    Asking Sincere Questions (Sincerely)

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