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Design Workbench: Design In Action

Design research is largely misunderstood—by researchers and non researchers, alike. I can’t recall how many times I have had to eplain what it is I do every day as a design researcher (though having to do so has helped me to better understand it myself). A survey of literature on design research and forums dedicated to its discussion reveals that design researchers are still working out the nuances of design research: what quality research is, what it produces, and where it can be applied. For this reason I developed Design Workbench: a network of sites that show design in action. By doing so, my hope is that guests will more clearly understand the relationships between design research, education, and practice.


Design Workbench consists of two major parts: the main site where examples of design research, education, and practice are shared, and a collection of online workbenches where research projects are operated and discoveries are shared in real-time. The site is brand new, so there are only a few workbenches up and running and I am posting all of the content to the site via social networks, but I am in the process of inviting other researchers, educators, and practitioners to share their own content and launch projects through the site. I’m excited to see what the project may lead to in the future!

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