Go #texastech! Remembering my Court Jester days (95-97).

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    Saw this in the @astrosbaseball bullpen this summer. Already dreaming of the 2019 season. Go ‘Stros!

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    10 years and 24 books filled. I started using these on Oct. 13, 2008. These ephemera ride with me wherever my books go—each one a story.

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    A few hours away from writing to experience the inspiring Serpent Mound earthworks.

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    It’s study abroad/study away fair night at @miamiuniversity. Sporting my Oswald ears to talk about xdwdw19! @xdmiamioh @designmiamioh #xdmfa

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    Wonderful weekend in Toronto for the #DEL18 Conference. ‘Even had a chance to wander a bit!

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    PSA: “technology” is applied science. Ink, film, index cards, smartphones… all tech. ‘Curious if “technology” broadly substituted for “electronic tech” reduces likelihood of inventive integrations. #DEL18

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    ‪Transdisciplinary, Translocation, Transmedia. Excited to share #xdmfa at #DEL18 and what we’re learning by pushing boundaries in design edu @miamiuniversity. @xdmiamioh @miamiohcca ‬

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    Being “together” isn’t just f2f. Presence can be felt via different modes. Opportunities facilitating learning, y’all. #DEL18

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    Too bad I couldn’t time my visit to #Toronto with the @astrosbaseball and the @bluejays

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    The @astrosbaseball offense needs caffeine. Doin’ my part.

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    David Byrne. Same as it ever was.

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