A little bit of summer golf.

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    Boxes game many uses. @amazon has a mask you can cut out. Fun! #wkbnch

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    Roller skating near Detroit. Diversity, difference. Everyone moving together, united regardless. Yes! #wkbnch

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    Wearing my Olympic socks today! #teamusa

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    Handy-to-open packaging for a storm door made my job easier. Way to go, designers. #wkbnch

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    Same words keep coming up in #eolc discussions: goals, wishes, values, hopes.

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    My Christmas gift in action. Happy feet.

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    These Midwest winter drives are breathtaking. Keep ‘em coming.

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    Something I always wanted: A World Series Championship.

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    The best skating rink prizes ever. Six thumbs up.

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    NorthPark: a Dallas classic This is how a mall is done. #wkbnch

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    Loads of luminarias. All prepped!

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    Achievement unlocked: I won 2nd place in today’s race. Drink up!

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