Design research invites a lot of tools: VLC, Audition, Illustrator, Keynote, Ulysses, Dedoose, Photoshop, Slack… all in the last two hours.

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    Yeah, I teared up a little when I saw this @southwestmagazine. A lovely tribute. ️ @southwestair

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    I can’t make plain sandwich lunches.

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    In order to second-guess yourself, you have to be thinking. Second-guessing (critical thinking) is a good thing. It’s an internal conversation that confirms or debunks what you know.

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    Happy Texas Independence Day, y’all!

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    xdMFA is posting 31 Days of Experience Design over at @xdmiamioh on Instagram. Check it out!

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    Our 18th annual Texas Independence Day party is this week. I love it when guests pepper us with Texas gifts to celebrate!

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    Pinned down the hall. Curiouser and curiouser.

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    Well, hello 1990s. Now: The Gin Blossoms at @bogartsshows.

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    My favorite—Valentine edition.

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    Justice for all girls. The latest @justice mailer champions inclusion. #wkbnch

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    Parenting a 13-year-old reminds me of how distraction-prone I was… and calls me on the carpet about being present now.

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