Contemporary Christian Music is one of the best things to come around since sliced bread. Who said praising the Lord has to be in hymns or classical music only!? Here is a listing and comment list of my favorite Contemporary Christian artists, praising the Lord through song! Drop by these great websites!

The Waiting

I picked up The Waiting's new album after hearing some of their stuff on a sampler CD that I got when I bought the OC Supertone's Supertones Strike Back, I was treated to one of the best surprises I have had of late. This group, from Atlanta, Georgia is full of praise. Their songs: "never dim", "hands in the air", and "my pride" are my favorites. The message in "never dim" ringing out how no matter what we do, as imperfect as we are, we can never dim the glory of God. He is like a shining light. Amen!

The Waiting's official website

Audio Adrenaline

Their song "Big House" off of the Don't Censor Me album is a favorite of youth groups and has been out since 1993, and is fun to listen to...but after seeing Audio A. in Dallas at Six Flags on July 26...I'm hooked on their newest album, Some Kind of Zombie which is their best work to date! It's awesome Alternative praise!

Audio Adrenaline's official website

Steven Curtis Chapman

I've been a massive fan of Steven Curtis Chapman's for years now...and I was elated to see him produce a Greatest Hits album, containing his best stuff! His testimony is moving and call to action to all Christians is urgent, as seen in concert at Six Flags Over Texas on July 24. He put on a great show, but most of all, led all who were there in praise and worship. An admirable family man, and awesomely talented musician, check out Steven Curtis Chapman.

Steven Curtis Chapman's official website

Third Day

I purchased Third Day's debut album on a whim...and became a big fan after my first listen. This Georgia band is all-out-for-Jesus. You might have heard "Nothing at All" on the radio...well, there are more songs where that one came from...the whole album is unbelievable. A great example to all Christians, and good music, their album is praise in audio form...along with reminders on how to live like a Christian. Third Day's new album, Conspiracy No.5 is excllent...more great praise.

Third Day's official website

Rebecca St. James

I saw Rebecca St. James at Celebrate Freedom 1997 in Dallas, Texas and was overwhelmed. Though she is a teenager, her message and witness is so strong. At one point she brought out her Bible and sat on the stage talking with the 80,000+ people there. Her album, God is a must-get...with some encouragement and praise that you will hit repeat on your CD player for, and listen to till you know all the words.

Rebecca St. James' official website


Wow. I've not heard a Newsboys album I didn't love. The Newsboys are on-fire-for-Christ and witness earnestly in person, as their music is just a vehicle to praise the Lord and to witness. It's so encouraging to see a group as awesome and talented acknowledge Jesus so vocally in word and deed. Both Going Public and Take Me to Your Leader are essential.

The Newsboys official website


I had never listened to dcTalk before I got Jesus Freak, their most recent release. This album is a great encouragement and is full of praise. Check out far one of the hottest and brightest groups in Contemporary Christian music!

dcTalk's official website

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