Using Momentum

  • Create Advantage: spending two Momentum establishes some new Advantage in addition to whatever effect the successful Task had, or removes a Complication from the scene.
  • Create Opportunity (Immediate, Repeatable): add additional d20s to a Task. These dice must be purchased before any dice are rolled for the Task. The first die purchased costs 1 Momentum, the second one costs 2 Momentum, and the third die costs 3 (for a total of 6 Momentum).
  • Create Problem (Immediate, Repeatable): a character can choose to make things more difficult for an opponent, increasing the Difficulty of a single Task by 1 for every two Momentum spent. Create Problem must be done before any dice are rolled for a Task.
  • Obtain Information (Repeatable): each point of Momentum can be spent to ask the Gamemaster a single question, answered truthfully, about the current situation.

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