The Mystery of Kortar Station

Lieutenant Commander Gutish Glov Gerkow was acting Captain. His report follows.

The crew of the Sojourner Truth received a transmission from the outpost space station Kortar from a Klingon commander who spoke from a badly damaged bridge with flames in the background. The commander’s transmission was difficult to interpret, but he spoke of difficulties on the station. His last words were, “We are not ourselves!” After this transmission, the airlock on the space station was released, killing all personnel left on board.

The Sojourner Truth approached the space station and completed several scans for life forms. None were found. All the atmosphere on the station had been evacuated except those in the sick bay. We also detected a space pod in a nearby asteroid belt. The asteroids in this belt were rich in a mineral, making communications and sensor scans difficult to conduct.

We went into the asteroid belt, put a tractor beam on the space pod, and pulled the pod out of the asteroid belt. After this, we did a scan for life forms within the pod. We detected a weak life force that appeared to be Klingon. After attempts to establish communication from within the pod failed, we beamed up the lifeform into the sick bay of the Truth, making sure to exclude any parasites during the transmission. The Klingon expired very soon after beaming into sick bay. The Klingon appeared to be developing a sort of exoskeleton and was severely mutilated. It appeared the Klingon had a large, self-inflicted wound that may have been used to remove a parasite physically. The pod was pulled into the Truth and no sign of parasites was found.

To gather more information, the Truth returned to the space station. Officers beamed down to the sick bay on the space station. When they arrived, they reported the body of a dead physician who looked somewhat Klingon but had a genetic makeup that indicated that he was a Romulan. He had been stabbed in the back. In the sick bay, there were four bodies of Klingons, each of which appeared to have large wounds from which parasites had been removed. Next to each body, there were also the remains of a single unusually large parasite of the same species we had encountered on the U.S.S. Albubierre that had sprung forth from the Romulan leader. Our crew searched for a log in the sick bay and found one from the doctor. He mentioned that the Klingons were poor subjects for the experiment. The crew also did additional scans of the ship and found no other life forms. The ship was composed of 21 rooms, seven rooms per level. The crew restored the space station’s atmosphere and re-established power. The crew went to the bridge and found the captain’s log. The Commander of Kortar station mentioned difficulties that they were having on the ship. He spoke of a Tellarite vessel that visited the space station at regular intervals. The Tellarite vessel was from ?????. Apparently, following the last visit from the Tellarite vessel, the crew had picked up some kind of disease that was spreading on the ship. The captain expressed frustration with the station’s doctor. His last log entry mentioned that he was going to pay a visit to the doctor.

After obtaining this knowledge, we beamed the three crew members back to the Truth and set a course for where the Tellarite vessel originated.

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