More of these water bottle refill stations are popping up at National Parks. ‘Perfect place to promote choices that reduce environmental impact. #wkbnch #xdmfa


Quick quips, thoughts, observations. #countrpt
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    PSA: “technology” is applied science. Ink, film, index cards, smartphones… all tech. ‘Curious if “technology” broadly substituted for “electronic tech” reduces likelihood of inventive integrations. #DEL18

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    Being “together” isn’t just f2f. Presence can be felt via different modes. Opportunities facilitating learning, y’all. #DEL18

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Design isn’t about design. It’s about people.

I explore how design thinking, processes, and outcomes affect, and are influenced by human perception and behavior on a systemic level. Through getting to know people groups via field work and facilitating co-creation of design interventions, my work benefits communities while producing a clearer understanding of how people construct meaning by studying the solutions they create.

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