What if the services and products we relied upon every day were done with Disney-level detail? Having fun studying Experience Design at Disney this week!


Quick quips, thoughts, observations. #countrpt
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    Learners in my courses earn XP’s—experience points for meeting diverse people, visiting unexplored places, and trying new activities. Conclusion: just talking with a stranger on a plane is an adventure for many of my undergrads. 😟

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    If reality is socially constructed (Berger & Luckmann, 1966) and language is social, then we at #EndWell18 have an opportunity to construct healthier realities by changing the words we use (wellness/wellbeing) around dying.

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Design isn’t about design. It’s about people.

I explore how design thinking, processes, and outcomes affect, and are influenced by human perception and behavior on a systemic level. Through getting to know people groups via field work and facilitating co-creation of design interventions, my work benefits communities while producing a clearer understanding of how people construct meaning by studying the solutions they create.

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