People make choices based on their relationships—the ones they ️. Link in bio . 10/48 Aspects of Experience for Design. Join me for Beyond UX at #aigadesignconf #aigadesign @aigadesign @aiga_educators . photo: @helena_wlt @pexels


Quick quips, thoughts, observations. #countrpt
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    It’s never as good as we imagine, is it? Maybe that’s why the book is always better then the movie.

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    When you experience short-term pain, learn from it. Develop understanding. Some live with pain every day of their lives.

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Design isn’t about design. It’s about people.

I explore how design thinking, processes, and outcomes affect, and are influenced by human perception and behavior on a systemic level. Through getting to know people groups via field work and facilitating co-creation of design interventions, my work benefits communities while producing a clearer understanding of how people construct meaning by studying the solutions they create.

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