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I am an Associate Professor of Communication Design and Graduate Director of the MFA in Experience Design at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I research ways people and design decisions intersect at experiential and systemic levels. My recent work explores how co-creating end-of-life choices with stakeholders can facilitate meaningful decision-making resources and tools; ways multiple intelligence theories can be applied to facilitate learning necessary for addressing complex problems; and how rhetoric and semantics in design affect aspirations and goals. I am a Scripps Gerontology Center Research Fellow, and my current research work is a transdisciplinary research project titled Living Values that focuses on end-of-life choices and advance care planning for underserved populations in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Prior to my academic appointment, I practiced design professionally for fifteen years as a creative director, graphic, interaction, and experience designer at agencies, in-house, and non-profit organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

I enjoy playing disc golf, backgammon, and going to big concerts in small venues.

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