Developing Experience Designers

Thoughts on UX Education at HOW Magazine Online

My thoughts on the state of user experience design education and how it is evolving were featured alongside other impactful educators.

On March 27, my thoughts on user experience education were featured at HOW Magazine online in an article titled Thoughts on Communication Design and UX Education. The article was compiled and led by James Pannafino, Associate Professor at Millersville University and featured insights from some equally impressive educators exploring how user experience learning is facilitated in design education.

An exciting consensus of the article highlighted how user experience curriculum is about prototyping, testing, learning from failure, and integrating people at the center of the design process. It was an honor to be part of the group selected for the article. This is an exciting time for design education as we work to figure out what user experience design education can and should be in shaping the future of the discipline.

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