Interpreting Experience Design Scenes

Experience Design: Embracing Transdisciplinarity

Experience Design is an emerging design discipline. While traditional disciplines emphasize producing “outcomes” such as buildings or smartphone apps or lamps as the “end goal” of design, experience design places a user’s ideal experience as the driver for design. When people do activities, like ordering a pizza or lifting a jug of water out of a well, they can have a good or a bad experience. Their experience is largely contingent upon how well-suited the design was for the activity, the user, and the context in which they used the design. In this article in Iterations: Design Research and Practice Review, I situate Experience Design with other traditional and emerging design practices.

Download the article from the Iterations website.


About This Scholarship

Type: Journal Article
Reach: International
Initiated: Submitted
Review: Blind Peer-Reviewed
Authorship: Solo-Authored
Online: Iterations

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