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December 8, 2022

Future Dimensions: What moves the world tomorrow?

I was interviewed for the Mercedes-Benz Future Dimensions podcast—”Dimension #4: what if fiction became reality?” In this episode, we discussed how fiction influences real-world innovation.

Episode Description

What came first – space stories from the 1990s or the smartphone? The fourth episode of the “Future Dimensions” feature podcast by Mercedes-Benz demonstrates how fiction and reality consistently inspire one another.

Ricardia talks to architect and film director Liam Young about why fictional worlds are also a reflection of our society. She asks design professor Dennis Cheatham how sci-fi technology is shaping our everyday lives. Learns from science fiction professor Lisa Yaszek why we should all dream of a better world, even in challenging times. And takes a deep dive into the fascination, power and responsibility of fictional stories with Jon Landau – the legendary producer of the Avatar films.

Visit the Future Dimensions podcast website.

Direct link to the episode: Dimension #4: what if fiction became reality?

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