March 14, 2024

Week 11 2024

  • AI
  • generative ai
  • leadership
  • Miami University
  • policy
  • technology

Few things are more meta than using generative AI to write policies on generative AI use.

I serve on the Miami University AI Taskforce. Like most institutions, we must develop policies and guidelines for using generative AI. Academic institutions must develop policies that align with the organization’s mission and safeguard information. However, unlike most organizations, academic institutions must also develop policies that guide how students use these tools in ways that enhance learning—not hinder it.

This is no small task. As a committee (of sub-committees), we are threading needles to ensure faculty can use generative AI in their research—the guardrails should be loose! But we also recommend guidelines that maintain privacy, reduce the risk of harm, and recognize that generative AI sources are not always inclusive or supportive.

I’m honored to be part of the work because I get to work with some brilliant and caring people. I’m learning so much from their perspectives and experience.

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