November 2, 2023

Week 44 2023

  • AI
  • ethics
  • inspiration
  • Presentation
  • Symposia Presentation

Yesterday, I presented at Miami University’s 2023 AI Symposium: AI at the Intersection of Teaching, Learning, and the Future. It was an inspiring day—so many conversations about AI and its effects. I’m a techno-optimist. Artificial Intelligence can potentially reveal cures for diseases and discoveries beyond our planet. Yes, these technologies can also cause unimaginable harm, but the potential outweighs the harm.

In the future, I hope I am right (not just to be right).

Anyway, I presented What I Learned from Assigning Generative AI and How You Can Do It Too, a talk about using AI in the classroom in various ways—some actively using generative AI to create images and such and some more about creating rules that reduce the likelihood of harm.

I’m learning as I go—as are everyone using AI. Interesting thought… AI technologies also learning as they go, too.

What a world.

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