Táysha’ is Caddo for “friend”. The Spanish pronounced it “tejas” and we know it as Texas. ️ . Tonight, we celebrate the spirit of Texas—friendship—with our 19th Annual Texas Independence Day Party! See you there! ️🤍

Sometimes on-topic, sometimes not—these are updates on my work, encounters, and goings-on. My work as a design researcher and educator means it seems I am always busy doing and discovering something fascinating.

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Design and Nielsen: Behind My Tweet and New York Times Interview

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    An Interview with HOW: Interactive Design Conference

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    Thoughts on UX Education at HOW Magazine Online

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    Design Workbench: Design In Action

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    Protected: One Month in Oxford

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    An Ethnographic Road Trip

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    YouTube movie title

    Actor Network Theory (In Plain English)

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    first day of school, 1980

    Back to School: My Design Education Continues

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