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November 1, 2010

(Very) Young Designers

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Last month, my son’s school held a health fair, and as I walked around the school I saw small posters that the students had designed to announce the event. Here are some of my favorite works by these young designers.

Pretty good advice: Be good friends. Bleeve in God. Live with a healthy heart. Stop for a healthy snack. Oh, and come to the 1st-grade booth.
Even young designers using the computer need proofers.
An early designer fell in love with the stamp tool. I like how their copy includes the plea: “please come.”
The designer uses checks and “x” marks for good and bad foods. But the best part is the “have a good day” and strawberry dingbats flanking “Thank You.” This poster actually employs some hierarchy.
Now those are some hairy, healthy legs. Large illustration grabs attention and minimal text. And a happy face.
Very straightforward. Maybe the designer had been studying Ogilvy’s ads.
Apparently bad hearts are black and split in half. The poster doesn’t succeed in telling the viewer about the Health Fair, but it does frighten the viewer into walking more.
If you don’t start you won’t want more. There’s wisdom there.

Looking through the posters I was reminded that I’ve been a designer all my life, and it started with making signs like these. I hope some of these students will grow to love the profession and will continue to use their work for good. They’ve had a nice head start.

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