May 11, 2023

Week 19 2023

  • growth
  • learning
  • reflection
  • teaching

Classes are over for the semester, and all that’s left is final grading. Today, I “graded” my last set of student weekly reflections. For the record, “grading” weekly reflections involves reading each student’s reflection, writing responses when appropriate, and then marking the assignment as complete. Reflections are always a completion grade.

I’m reflecting on reflections right now (I know, so meta!). Someday, I hope students will look back on the 15 reflections they wrote and think, “Wow, I grew a ton.” A few students wrote in their reflections this week how seeing each week’s notes highlighted how far they have come. Maybe years from now—even decades from now—their reflections will remind them of who they were in ways that shine a light on their journey as people, not just designers.

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