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July 19, 2010

Textbooks and Amazon: BFF

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One of my favorite parts of gearing up for a new semester of classes was going to the bookstores at Texas Tech to buy my textbooks and supplies. If you’ve ever done this (or attended SXSW or waited for a Ride on Space Mountain in the summer) you know what a horde of people looks like. When I was buying textbooks as an undergraduate I was using someone else’s money, which probably added to the joy of the exercise, but even when it’s my turn to pay for the whole enchilada I still feel that excitement… with special thanks to a promotion at called Amazon Student.

Let it be known: I am an junkie and have been an Amazon Prime subscriber for about three years. Here in Texas, there’s no sales tax on purchases and they always arrive on time. Amazon Prime is a service where you pay $79 once and you get free 2-day shipping on anything Amazon sells for a year. For example, I’ve bought a cooler, a hedge trimmer, tea bags, an Iron Man 2 Turbo Racer, Chanel Perfume, and a shop vac (these last two were both gifts for my wife) all shipped without additional cost. Add textbooks to that list. Brilliant!

My, how things have changed. Seventeen years ago I would be hiking to the bookstore to get my overpriced books and supplies but now it’s as easy as ordering online and having them shipped. I may miss the smell of the bookstores on and off-campus at UNT but I don’t miss the prices. I’ve been able to buy all of my books at a significantly reduced price and some of them are in perfect, used condition. In every case, the new book online was less expensive than a used book from the bookstores. But bookstores, do not cry. I have visited you already and I have purchased a shirt or two. You are not forsaken.

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