a screenshot of a website in 2011

As something of a living experiment, I designed and developed this site in late 2011 using WordPress as a content management system and the WordPress Twentyeleven theme as a starting point. In 2011, Media Queries and responsive websites were just emerging and I used this site to explore how to design responsively.

The site was redesigned in 2015 to take advantage of CSS flexbox and again in 2020 to add CSS grids. I’ve learned a lot from the process. The knowledge gained from these experiences has been implemented into teaching interaction design and user experience design.

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Let’s Go Back In Time

I believe in learning through doing. I am a self-taught front-end coder because I started designing for the web in 1997 when web browsers were first invented. Check out a few examples of my early work.

March 1998 while I was an undergraduate student at Texas Tech

July 1998 after graduating from Texas Tech in 1998

October 1998 Wedding Central website

Texas Tech University RHA Website (1998)

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