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Interpreting Experience Design Scenes

What about peoples' makeup, reasoning, emotions, and surrounding environment are worth considering to guide what features of products, services, and systems will facilitate experiences they value?

When people use design, they have an experience. These experiences are impacted by a wide range of factors—some cannot be controlled by designers but they should still be accounted for. When the design’s features match the activity a person is trying to accomplish when they use it, they have a good experience. When the design is mismatched to the person or the activity, the experience can be pretty lousy.

Through my Interpreting Experience Design Scenes work, I’m creating a framework that will enable designers to identify ways a person’s physical makeup, emotions, relationships, and environment can impact their experience when they use design. These Aspects of Experiences for Design help reduce designers’ blindspots, encouraging them to consider matters that are often under the surface but can affect a successful product, service, or system.

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