Big Question
Advancing People-Driven Design

How can design research and processes be implemented to promote personal and community wellbeing by positioning people affected by complex social issues as leaders and designers?

Too often, design is for the designer, not the people who use it. These outcomes “tell” people how they should use a design and what experience is ideal. But design is not for designers—it’s for the people who use products, services, and systems. So, why don’t we put these people at the center of the design process?

When designing is driven by communities of people, it is infused with those peoples’ unique cultural backgrounds, values, and makeup. Facilitating the creation of outcomes with populations to empower communities to create outcomes that align with their goals and values. The Living Values research team is using this approach to learn what prevents people in underserved communities from recording their end-of-life choices and I’m always working to bring this approach to more projects.

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