The Onjejank Story

The real story behind "onjejank".

Onjejank Hero Shot

I’ve had many people ask me what onjejank actually is. I’ve had even more ask just how to spell it (in case you’re one of those people, it’s spelled o-n-j-e-j-a-n-k). The word is made up (surprise, surprise) and comes from my grandfather, Leo.

My grandfather liked orange drink. And as legend has it, one day he was craving an orange drink. He said it loud and fast:

I wanna arnge jank!

I wannaanje jank!

ahhnnnje jank!

And it was born. My mother hated his incessant pleas for an orange drink, and Leo could tell. So he continued:

ahhnnnje jank!

ahhnnnje jank!

And “onjejank” is now legend… and now you know why.

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