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Giving brands a visual voice.

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Oxford Disc Golf

The Oxford, Ohio Disc Golf Club
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Design Workbench

A website that showcases ongoing design research work.
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The MFA in Experience Design at Miami University.
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Design Miami Ohio

Design programs at Miami University.
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Texas Independence Day Party

An annual party celebrating Texas Independence Day.

Find Your Spot

A campaign to encourage people to volunteer to serve children.

WE: A Movement of Women

A group that ministers to the needs of women.

Water Works Pool Service

A pool company that caters to higher profile clients.

Table and Fire Live

A yearly conference event that addresses significant issues of faith and culture.


A community organization that focuses on mentoring at-risk kids in schools.

Lake Cities Green

An advocacy organization that promotes improving the quality of life in the Lake Cities near Dallas, Texas.

Isis Medical Spa

A medical spa named after the Egyptian goddess of beauty.


An architecture study program for interns.

Irving Bible Church

A diverse church in Irving, Texas.

Family Ties

A ministry for single parent families.
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