Design Workbench

A website where design research in-action is showcased and guests can participate in the process.


The Experience Design program at Miami Univeristy.

Design Miami Ohio

The Communication Design and Experience Design programs at Miami University.

Texas Independence Day Party

An annual party celebrating Texas Independence Day.

Find Your Spot

A campaign to encourage people to volunteer to serve children.

WE: A Movement of Women

A group that ministers to the needs of women.

Water Works Pool Service

A pool company that caters to higher profile clients.

Table and Fire Live

A yearly conference event that addresses significant issues of faith and culture.


A community organization that focuses on mentoring at-risk kids in schools.

Lake Cities Green

An advocacy organization that promotes improving the quality of life in the Lake Cities near Dallas, Texas.

Isis Medical Spa

A medical spa named after the Egyptian goddess of beauty.


An architecture study program for interns.

Irving Bible Church

A diverse church in Irving, Texas.

Family Ties

A ministry for single parent families.
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